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How to Apply

  • Industrial Training – It is extremely important that students are not just trained theoretically but given access to practical knowledge and real life responsibilities. Our institution takes pride in ensuring that all our students get attached to reputable organizations in order to gain the required knowledge needed to excel in the industry.

  • Opportunity – We want you to have every opportunity to prepare for a  future in the maritime industry, so over the last 5 years we have spent millions upgrading the buildings and equipment across our campus, giving you state-of-the-art facilities to support your studies, and prepare you for your career.

  • Community – You’ll be welcomed into a regimented, rich and vibrant community of students, ready to embark on undergraduate study alongside you.

  • Support – You will be supported by teams to suit your individual needs. Our flexible approach encourages personalised learning that works for you.

  • Click on the "Apply Here" button.

  • Complete the online application form and submit.

  • Check your email for a submission confirmation and instructions to how to proceed.

  • Submit the necessary documents requested by the admissions team.

  • Wait for an email to confirm the date for your oral or written interview.

  • Make payment through the link sent to you in a different email for JAMB regularization (Only valid if you have not ben offered an admission automatically through JAMB).

  • An admission letter will be sent to you by JAMB if you are accepted.

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